silk, tasar silk in Ranchi, Jharkhand for sale


I am informing you that, Jharkhand state is the leading producer of tasar Silk in the country. This silk is truly wild tropical silk, and recently we got a certificate of Organic Silk, from international agency. And Now Jharkhand is the first state in the Country as well as world that got such type certificate in the silk. In this connection, I am informing you that, with the help of Central Silk Board, Bangalore & JHARCRAFT (Govt. of Jharkhand) have open one outlet of Organic Silk Tasar products, like Sarees and dress material for ladies and gents, so kindly come and visit our outlet and also we are giving opportunity to you with business partner in wholesale and retail sector. So kindly come and feel the experience of Organic Tasar Silk products from Jharkhand.Thanking You, (MUKESH GOPE) Manager JHARCRAFT Mob: 9241343508

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